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Entry #24

seems we are all growing up

2014-01-24 15:26:27 by tox

I look around and we all seem to be in our 20's now...

We are no longer the young kids we were...


What does this mean for us, where will we be going in the next few years?

I know where I will be.

Right here, living it up and being happy ^.^


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2015-01-21 19:24:42

The first time I saw Newgrounds was my freshman year in highschool, 2001. Playing bowman in the computer lab. This was about the same time that the original Halo came out so I spent much of my time on the box rather than on the pc. I never got to see it grow up into the wonderful site it is today.

Dude, you've got a great viewpoint on life and it's really the only way to get through this world without going off the deep end.

Choices you make turn into chapters you write. Before you know it, you realize you're a quarter or more through your novel.

Fill them pages with happy ^.^


2014-12-17 05:15:57

bah, newgrounds


2014-12-12 03:31:48

Ewww, adults...


2014-12-03 02:44:28

I feel bad for kids nowadays, they're growing up in a degenerate culture void of OC or lulz. Also they have 6x the chance of getting shot at school :(


2014-11-26 02:37:07

look what you have done. look what youve gotten yourself into.

you have destroyed the BBS with your rampancy of offensive threads.

all for what? the lols? was it worth it? now you cant make a name for yourself on the bbs.

it wasnt worth it was it?

tox responds:

So worth it lol



2014-11-26 00:50:59

what the hell is wrong with you?

are you some kind of schizophrenic maniac or something?


2014-10-21 09:33:52

I never expected to end up where I am now, so who knows where i'll be in a few years.

Hopefully still popping back here every now and then.


2014-08-21 01:00:04

apples grow on trees

i love apples


2014-05-14 22:55:15

in tox, voltage trusts <3


2014-04-28 03:19:37

tox, how the fuck do you stay so positive?

tox responds:

Because I know how to be sad...
I know how to be hungry...
I know what it's like to think about putting a gun to your head because I'v been there...

I'm positive because I know I should be, and that I should not live my life in a state of sadness or imbalance

If I'm happy, you will know a happier life along with everyone I interact with, and I for one would rather add to a positive outlook then to be just one more shade of gray in the ever circling redundum of life

Shine bright, and allow your self to shine for others


2014-04-03 18:15:41

If I didn't join, I'd be a basement dwelling loser right now and still miserable. Also it's not like I can take back the contract I signed at this point without fucking up my chances at civilian employment :p


2014-04-01 04:52:10

Well for the next couple of years I can forsee myself still in the Army, thousands of miles away from home, and being miserable.

tox responds:

then why did you join the military


2014-03-13 12:34:47

Yeah, I'm 22 now, I'm starting to feel a little old.


2014-03-13 12:02:05

we will always be kids....

staying young, naive and happy for the rest of our lives.


2014-03-13 10:16:42

Happy 7th sign-up anniversary.


2014-03-12 00:03:09

remember the society


2014-02-11 17:51:10

I'm still blossoming at 18 years of age, but the site does feel different now being (technically) an adult, as opposed to some 13 year old looking for a play where I could find violence and sex in the form of games and movies.

I kind of miss the new, young "This site is the coolest thing I've ever seen!" feeling I had for the first few years. Not that the site got bad or anything, I just have been here for a while.


2014-02-01 15:39:04

If I'm here past 30, it's because I'm paid to do so.


2014-01-28 07:50:30

I will be 20 years old 30th of January.


2014-01-26 19:04:18

It makes me wonder if I should still be here.

tox responds:

in a few words
yes you should be here


2014-01-25 04:05:59

growing up sucks xP i wish if i could be 15 forever :(


2014-01-24 17:12:13

I'm still 15.

tox responds:

most of us ;P


2014-01-24 15:45:52

Well I joined when I was 20 ^____^